Renting A Dumpster For Your Block Party

Hosting a block party is such a nice way to get everyone in the neighborhood together and socialize. You can meet the new neighbors, say hi to old neighbors you have not seen in a while, and really feel a sense of community. Of course, when the block party is over, there is the big mess to clean up — and that's a problem nobody enjoys dealing with. Thankfully, there is an easy solution: rent a dumpster.

What are the benefits of renting a dumpster?

From paper plates to watermelon rinds, getting rid of the trash from a big block party can be a struggle since everyone's trash cans will get filled up at once. There will barely be room for the rest of the week's trash! With a dumpster, you won't have to fill up your personal trash bins. Plus, everyone can easily work together and toss things into the dumpster during one quick cleanup session. You don't have to bag things and drag them to the street or try to keep stuff organized.

Renting a dumpster also makes it easier to get rid of bigger pieces of trash that might be left behind, like wrapping from a huge platter or a big foil pan from barbecue takeout. These items might not easily fit in a trash can, but they fit in a dumpster.

How do you pay for the dumpster?

You probably don't want to foot the $200 or $300 bill for renting a dumpster yourself, but that's why you have good neighbors! If even 60 people attend the party and everyone chips in $1.50, that should cover the dumpster. Consider lumping the cost of the dumpster, the food, and all other expenses together, and then coming up with a "ticket price" for the block party. Many people will have no problem with paying $10 or $12 to attend.

Where should the dumpster go?

The easiest place to park the dumpster is right to the side of one of the yards where the party is being held. Don't worry — it won't smell during the party because at this point it will be empty. Make sure partygoers know not to put things in the dumpster until after the party. Ask everyone to stick around for the cleanup. 

Cleaning up after a block party is not fun, but renting a dumpster will make it a lot easier for everyone. Click here to learn more about dumpster rental.