Are You Opening Up Part Of Your House To Use As A Rental? 3 Tips To Get It Ready Faster

Having extra space in your house is always great. Yet, there comes a point when that extra bedroom or garage begins to become a major drain on your overall comfort. Not only do unused parts of your home potentially cause you to waste money on heating and cooling costs, but they also tend to accumulate clutter. Using this area for a rental helps you to keep it clean and bring in a little extra income. Since every moment it sits empty is a potential loss of rent, you can use these tips to get your new rental area ready for your new tenants faster.

Decide What Is Worth Keeping

Whether you have a garage or spare guest bedroom to fill, you want to start your clean up by knowing exactly what you want to trash and what to keep. Think about the type of tenants that are likely to be attracted to your ad. Are they college students who may prefer to rent a furnished room that comes with a bed? If so, being able to keep some of the furniture saves you time on having to move it out of the house.

Limit Trips to the Dump

You can waste a lot of time driving back and forth to the dump. Before you start cleaning out the space, arrange for roll off dumpster services. A dumpster placed outside of your home makes it easy to carry out what you don't want and get it out of the way. You also benefit from being able to stay at your house where you can focus on cleaning up. Since the dumpsters are hauled away when you are done, you can avoid having to waste even a single second by going to the dump.

Host a Clean Up Party

Home clean up projects always go faster when you recruit help. Think of one or two other people that are great at the tasks that you have in mind. For instance, you could ask your friend with a knack for organization to come and help you clean out a closet or to decide what should go in the roll off dumpster. You can also have another friend help you paint the room or add a few finishing touches such as a locking doorknob. Either way, get people involved in your project. Then, order some food, turn on some music and enjoy finishing your rental preparations.