Getting Rid Of Your Old Furniture When You No Longer Need It

Getting new furniture for your home is excellent, but once you buy the new furniture, you have to find a way to get rid of the old furniture. Depending on the condition of the furniture, there are several things you may want to consider when it is time to move the old furniture out and bring the new stuff in. 

Worn and Damaged Furniture

If you are disposing of old and worn furniture, you most likely want to just through it out and be done with it. Some cities will pick up the furniture for you, but in areas that don't, you might want to look for a furniture removal company. These companies will take your old, unwanted furniture and haul it away for you. Often there is a fee for disposal, and for most furniture, the company hauls it to the dump where they either crush or burn it. 

Some companies will pick it up, and if it is in decent shape, they will try to sell it in a flea market, yard sale, or secondhand shop. If this is the case, they may not tell you that is what they are doing, but if they are removing the furniture for free, it might be a good trade-off for you. 

Old But Usable

If the old furniture you have is not in great shape but has a little life left in it, you might want to give it away. There are a lot of your people getting started in their first apartment or home that might be interested in some free chairs, a table, or even a slightly-used couch. Place an ad on a free classifieds site listing the furniture and see who contacts you. You might be surprised how fast the furniture is gone. 

Donate Your Old Furniture

If your furniture is still in decent shape, you might want to donate it to a charitable organization that will clean and sell it to raise money for their organization. Often these groups will come out and pick up the furniture for you as well, saving you the trouble of moving it or dealing with getting it to the charity's location. 

Put it on the Curb

In some areas, people will put good items on the curb out in front of their home and allow people to take them for free. The practice is common in large cities, and some people will post a listing on a free classifieds site with a "curb alert" so people know it is there and can go get it if it is something they can use.