Looking To Get A Dumpster Rental For A Home Construction Project? Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting A Company

If you are renovating a kitchen, giving a bathroom a face lift, or adding a new addition to your home, you will likely have a lot of trash and waste thanks to the construction. Many construction companies recommend that you hire a dumpster rental, giving them a place to put the trash. If you are looking to get a rental, you may call companies and ask what size of dumpster rentals they have, how much they cost and what days they can drop off and/or pick up the dumpster rental. While these are important questions to ask, there are other questions that are equally important that you should ask when renting a dumpster for construction waste. Here are a few of those questions. 

Can All Construction Waste Be Placed in the Dumpster? 

One of the first questions that you will want to ask a dumpster rental company is whether all of your construction waste can be placed inside of the bin or whether there are certain items that are excluded. Some companies will not take certain types of construction waste, including concrete, gravel and leftover paint. If you place these items inside of the dumpster, the rental company can assess you additional fees which can be costly, so it is important to ensure you find out what can and cannot be disposed of and then only place those things in the dumpster. 

Do You Offer Construction Recycling? 

Another question to ask when you are looking to obtain a dumpster rental for a home construction project is whether the company you are renting from offers construction recycling. When you obtain a dumpster to dispose of construction materials, some companies will sort through the material and recycle items that can be recycled. Many construction materials, including wood, metal, porcelain, carpet and insulation can be recycled. Using a company that offers construction recycling helps to keep your items out of landfills and is better for the environment. 

Are There Weight Limits When Filling Up the Bin? 

The last question you will want to ask when you are looking to obtain a dumpster rental for a home construction project is whether there are weight limits when you are filling up the bin. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can load as much material into the bin as possible. But this is not always the case. Some companies impose weight limits on their bins, especially when it comes to construction materials, which can be heavy. If you load the bin past the weight limit, additional disposal fees may apply, so ensure you know what the limits are before selecting a company.

It is not everyday that you look to obtain a dumpster rental for your home construction project. However, knowing what questions to ask will help you find the bin that best meets your needs.  Visit a site like http://www.waredisposal.com for more help.