Pros And Cons To Recycling Pick-Ups

Recycling is usually motivated by three things. You want to recycle because you want to save the Earth, you are forced to recycle because your government tells you that you have to, or you want to recycle to earn money. When your compelling reason for recycling is to make a little pocket change, then you have to decide if you want to take your recycling items to the recycling station yourself or have someone pick them up. There are pros and cons to the latter.

Aluminum Cans Recycling Pickup

Aluminum, even at its highest and best price, only garners around forty to fifty cents a pound. You need at least 32 cans to make a pound of aluminum. That barely makes up for the gas it would take to run the cans to the recycling center yourself.

Of course, there is the flip side. You could have the cans picked up and taken to the center by a business that focuses on providing this service. The service gets a cut of what you would have received in exchange for the convenience of not having to run the cans to the recycling center yourself.

If you have fifty pounds of aluminum cans, at fifty cents a pound, you would normally make twenty-five dollars. Not bad for recycling, but then you would have to pay the pick-up service their fee for doing the job for you. The service is best used by people who do not have a car or truck that can haul that much aluminum to the recycling center. If you are on a pick-up route for recycling, then the fees are less because other recycling customers are pitching in their fees too.

Glass Bottle Recycling

Glass bottle recycling garners between five and ten cents a bottle in some states. This usually only applies to soft drink bottles that are clearly marked with the money-back recycling statement. In states where this type of payment for used glass bottles is available, you can either have someone pick up your bottles and recycle them for you, or you can take them to the nearest grocery store. Most grocery stores have offered free recycling of glass bottles for about forty years now.

Again, the problem arises when you are unable to take dozens of glass bottles anywhere due to lack of transportation. You may also be in a very rural area where it would be difficult to get the bottles to a recycling center or a grocery store. In that case, the pick-up service, such as Weidle G F Sanitation, is ideal for getting your nickels or dimes for the bottles.