What To Have On Hand When Settling Your Manufactured Home

Placing a manufactured or modular home on a foundation and land will be a momentous event. It is important to prepare the land well prior to moving the home onto the foundation. On moving day for settling your home, you will need to have some items and people on hand. Here is a list of major items you want to have with you before having your home moved to its final location.

Dumpster rental

You may be surprised at just how much excess equipment and items from your land you may need to dispose of after placing down your manufactured home. There may be materials on the trucks that moved your home that need to be disposed of, such as wrapping for the home and ropes that needed to be cut to take the home off of the truck. You may also need to have rocks and other items cleared out of the way. Stumps and trees that may not have been an issue before but are in the way upon settling down the home will also need to be dug up and disposed of immediately. Having a large dumpster like C n' C Junk Removal available for garbage removal will make clean up easy.

Excavation equipment

Any rocks, unnecessary sediment, and other materials will need to be removed before the foundation can be poured and the home placed on top of the foundation. After the home is moved onto your land, you may find that tree stumps are in the way of the yard that you want to build or that a plant blocks your windows in a way that will keep out natural light. For this reason, you should have excavation equipment available to make these changes.

A plumber and electrician

While you know that you will need builders to sit down your modular home and possibly put the frames together, you will also need an electrician and a plumber on hand in order to make sure that your home will be livable. Many cities do not allow for occupants to live inside of a home unless it is up to code. Manufactured homes are susceptible to plumbing issues during set up since different sections of the home must be put together just right for the wall plumbing to be properly connected. Hire a plumber and electrician that you trust to oversee the setup of your home and make sure the plumbing and electrical units are usable and not damaged during the building process.